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The Zogby Conference and the Danger of Willful Ignorance

For the first time in a while, and since I’ve graduated for that matter, I finally had the opportunity to get back into one of my favorite pastimes at FIU: attending a public conference. This one was centered around the … Continue reading

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Does our education system measure up?

Project LIT has been a little ignored lately by it’s founders. All of the writers are college students with hectic schedules, who pull all-nighters, and just barely catch a few minutes to watch Adult Swim every night. After spending a … Continue reading

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A revolution is coming…or is it? Chaos in Egypt Poll

Project LIT readers know that it’s only a matter of time until we write a post on our opinion (and explanation) of the revolts in Egypt. But first…we want to know what our readers think of it all! Please vote: … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Vent: Congress and its failures

Capitol Hill – Washington, DC During the last election I was admittedly upset with the American people. I didn’t understand how Americans could vote the Democrats out of the house because they felt the Obama Administration has failed these past two years. … Continue reading

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