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I am driven by the pursuit of knowledge, the passion to improve the human condition, and the desire to establish a deeper understanding of the universe and it's inhabitants. I am a firm believer that through discourse, empathy, and freethinking, humanity can continue to progress in the face of obstacles from within and without. I would describe myself as autodictatic, center-left, pragmatic, humanistic, and agnostic (albeit with an appreciation for spiritual practices such as meditation and contemplation).

Ancient Discoveries

I have recently fallen in love with this series on History Channel called Ancient Discoveries. It’s entire premise is to explore and uncover some of the surprisingly advanced technological and scientific accomplishments that existed centuries ago. Interestingly, I stumbled upon … Continue reading

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A Brief Musing About the Unrest in the Mideast

Unfortunately,  I don’t have as much time to devote to this topic as it deserves. But I believe it merits at least a brief mention, given the remarkable nature of what is transpiring in the region. What’s happening in the … Continue reading

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The Case of the Missing Martyrs

Since 9/11, there have been around 161 Muslim Americans that were suspects or perpetrators of domestic terrorism – out of a community of 2.5 to 7 million. About 120 of these individuals were foiled with the help of tips or … Continue reading

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The Zogby Conference and the Danger of Willful Ignorance

For the first time in a while, and since I’ve graduated for that matter, I finally had the opportunity to get back into one of my favorite pastimes at FIU: attending a public conference. This one was centered around the … Continue reading

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Greetings Everyone

My name is Romney, and I am new to Project LIT. I must admit, I was very pleased when I first heard about this project from Neda. I could immediately tell upon hearing the premise that this was an excellent … Continue reading

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