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We are Project L.I.T. (Living Informed Together). We want to keep people informed of current global and domestic events. Our goal is to motivate and inspire people to live healthier and more meaningful lives together.

Social Security in America

“Social Security is a simple concept: those employed are forced to contribute to a government managed fund. This fund provides for a subsistence living at retirement. In the U.S., retirees past the age of 67 receive Social Security. However, there … Continue reading

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Vegetarianism and Veganism: Why should you care?

Vegetarians and vegans of all backgrounds often face scrutiny in regards to their views and choice in eating. “Why are you vegetarian/vegan? What’s the point? You know you need your protein, right?” So many questions, so many answers. As a … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Vent: Congress and its failures

Capitol Hill – Washington, DC During the last election I was admittedly upset with the American people. I didn’t understand how Americans could vote the Democrats out of the house because they felt the Obama Administration has failed these past two years. … Continue reading

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More than a Checkup

The mental health field has grown tremendously within the last century, but now it is taking a sharp turn. Rather than seek therapy, which can be a lengthy process never bringing complete happiness, people want drugs and they want them … Continue reading

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…Never Quite Good Enough.

“I think it’s a lousy deal and we can do better for the American people,” said the 2012 presidential hopeful Sarah Palin Friday on the “new” tax package, the same day that President Obama had signed off on it, thereby pushing … Continue reading

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Senate Repeals “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”…FINALLY

The policy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, was enacted in 1993. Finally, 17 years later, the bogus policy is repealed on December 18, 2010. The policy allowed gays to serve in the military so long as they kept their sexual orientation … Continue reading

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Atheists Know the Truth, Not You

All religions promise you answers, the truth, and most likely salvation. The American Atheists (AA) want you to know that your religion is lying. This Christmas, the AA wants you to question your beliefs. While drivers travel from New Jersey … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to be Good

I can honestly say that I try to do my part in creating a better world. I recycle, don’t buy fur, and volunteer as much as possible. However, there are some atrocities occurring that I’m embarrassed to support. For example, … Continue reading

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Growing Use of Adderall Amongst College Students

“Athletes have steroids, those with depression have Prozac and those who wish to do it all have Adderall…Today, some college students without the disorder are admitting to using Adderall to enhance their academic performance. I am legitimately concerned with the … Continue reading

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Religion in the Modern Day

Is it possible to modify religion for today’s modern world? The Pope seems to think so. The Pope has announced that condoms can be used (in certain cases) to prevent transmitting HIV to others. This doesn’t mean that the Pope is condoning … Continue reading

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