A revolution is coming…or is it? Chaos in Egypt Poll

Project LIT readers know that it’s only a matter of time until we write a post on our opinion (and explanation) of the revolts in Egypt. But first…we want to know what our readers think of it all!

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1 Response to A revolution is coming…or is it? Chaos in Egypt Poll

  1. Avia/Miriam says:

    I was there when it started and if it had been possible I would have stayed – it was a revolution, not violent chaos. The gatherings were peaceful until a certain few arrived, who were planted to cause the violence on purpose. There was a concerted effort to gather, walk and talk, stand and be counted, mix with each other and show the world this was what they wanted – to change an old implanted regime that had its own agenda – to please western powers – while the people of Egypt were basically ignored, left to fend for themselves and abusively silenced if they spoke up for themselves. The Egyptians now feel they have taken back their own country, and they want to show the world that it is a peaceful and friendly country. It moved me greatly to see them praying together outside the mosques, and women and children accompanying the men.
    On another note, the legacy of the ancient history seems to be rising again, to show how to live in a sacred way, honouring the deities that protect the land and the land itself, especially the life-giving waters of the Nile. From my own observations the Egyptians seem to be a humble, hard-working people, with an open, welcoming and generous nature, and a high tolerance to peoples from different cultures.
    Egypt is very different to the other Middle Eastern countries, which are old Royal Kingdoms while being led politically by the mullahs. The Muslim Shariah Law does not prevail in Egypt and it has a history of influence from many European countries, including Greece and Britain.
    At this time of global change, from an esoteric point of view, the Earth-energies running through the Giza Plateau will be crucially influential, as the Great Pyramids are placed on a major grid vortex. Healers and Light workers are needed more than ever before to help the energy currents be clean and clear of distorted and disruptive influences. The Giza site was closed during the 18 days of change, which would have allowed the energies to restore themselves. One of the signs that this is taking place is the revolution itself. Unconsciously, the Egyptian people are responding to a need to rid these sacred sites, and the country, of corruption and awful abuse.

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