The circus is coming

As a parent it may be hard to deny your children anything at all; especially, when all they want is to see some elephants do tricks.

However, before you go, you and your children should be aware of how the circus comes to be.

1. Remember when you trained your dog to give you paw? All it took was patience and a few dog treats. Well in order to get bears, elephants, and tigers to ride bicycles it takes more than food. The animals are severely tortured to perform these ridiculous acts.

2. Keep in mind that dogs and cats are domesticated animals; meaning, they are fit to live with humans. Animals in the circus are wild animals, they are not made to be in close contact with people; so when the animals freak out because they are forcibly being taught to stand on their heads they are then beaten, put in solitary confinement (which would be too small for a person, never mind one of these animals) and possibly left behind to starve and rot when the circus leaves town.

Don’t contribute more evil to the world by supporting the circus. Visit:

Fortunately, parents can always take their children to see animal-friendly circuses, including Cirque du Soleil.

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2 Responses to The circus is coming

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  2. Romney says:

    Well done. I read this earlier but forgot to comment. I think children should be made aware of such practices as early as possible. Working at a pet store, I too often see children who seem to lack any sort of empathy towards animals, viewing them merely as entertainment. While part of it is certainly the lack of maturity, I believe it can also be accounted to the way we’re raised to view animals.

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