It’s Time to Vent: Congress and its failures

Capitol Hill - Washington, DC
Capitol Hill – Washington, DC

During the last election I was admittedly upset with the American people. I didn’t understand how Americans could vote the Democrats out of the house because they felt the Obama Administration has failed these past two years.

But, I have to tell you…I too am disgusted now. Yesterday, I came across an upsetting article.

What’s more shocking is the fact that the House spent a grand total of $190,000 on bottled water last year.

via Buy Your Congressperson a Water Bottle – Politics – GOOD.

Now, not only does this report bother me as an environmental activist, but as an American I’m appalled. The country has  officially surpassed a 14 trillion dollar deficit, and it is expected that early this year we will go over the 14.3 trillion dollar debt we agreed not to exceed.

So rather than switch to reusable water bottles, Congress is going to raise the deficit! It’s too late to prevent the increasing debt, but Congress needs to act more responsibly and get its act together!

Instead of reading the Constitution aloud (which you would hope they would already have a in-depth understanding of), they need to get some actual work done! I understand the symbolism and significane of this, but we don’t have time for this fufu democracy right now. They are embarrassing themselves and we will be the ones to suffer!

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