The Cultural Climate Change

There is a drastic climate change going on in this country…and I’m not talking about the environment. Regardless of your opinion on immigration, there is a cultural shift taking place in America. This year, Juanes, a Spanish singer, performed the first entirely Spanish performance during the Macy’s Day Parade. While this performance may have gone unnoticed in your household, the deep symbolism should not be ignored.

America’s population is changing. Juanes’ performance was long overdue for the Hispanic population in this country.

Some people incorrectly assume that English is the official language of America. The US is rapidly becoming equally as synonymous with the Spanish language as English has always been. It can be quite frightening to think that employability as English-only speakers is significantly decreased if we can’t speak Spanish. Unlike past immigration movements in this country, where the immigrants have been somewhat forced to learn the new language (English), Hispanics are immigrating here and reproducing at such an exponential rate; older, more established Americans are now being forced to take Spanish into their vocabulary. Both children and adults need to take charge and improve their opportunities by learning Spanish.

Take a look at  Ginsberg Center to familiarize yourself with past immigration movements to the US. Also, please vote in the poll below to find out where others stand on this cultural climate change.

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