Growing Use of Adderall Amongst College Students

“Athletes have steroids, those with depression have Prozac and those who wish to do it all have Adderall…Today, some college students without the disorder are admitting to using Adderall to enhance their academic performance. I am legitimately concerned with the casual and frequent use of Adderall amongst college students. It’s an addictive, unhealthy and harmful drug…Adderall also possesses other staggering side effects. Adderall is a stimulant, which automatically makes it hard on the heart. This highly dangerous drug can lead to a heart attack, high blood pressure and even death…Students do not realize the potential harm they are inflicting on themselves.”

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3 Responses to Growing Use of Adderall Amongst College Students

  1. william wallace says:

    The situaton such it understandable that many
    youth experience pressure/ upon their lifes as
    respond taking a form of drug / legal /illegal in
    the belief it t’will help /ease their mental state.

    Two periods of a USA republian party in Govt
    having caused dire damage. Terrorism used as
    cover having those of western nations stripped
    of all rights where a individual can be arrested
    as a suspected terrorist // family not informed
    of their arrest / the arrested individual having
    no rights in accessing an lawyer such individual
    imprisoned. / Being held captive for any length
    of time. While imprisoned torture can be used
    getting confessions of acts of terrorism / where
    working alone or wth others /confessions under
    torture held legal by the court. If ever a trial it
    be held behind closed doors under military law.

    An republican party which headed by extreme
    right wing / religious / halfbaked / crackpots
    abandoned domestic as international law/ and
    proceeded with their brutal invasion of nations
    where hundreds of thousands but slaughtered
    man / woman / child / being shown no mercy
    thus bringing a river of blood an river of tears.
    The setting up of puppet govts / followed by a
    plunder of nations / robbed of their resources
    such horror justified under an cover it t’was in
    in defence of freedom / defence of democracy.

    The bigger picture brings to focus the present
    plight of nations the appalling behaviour of an
    republican party in USA govt has brought an
    dire situation for many nations. In removing
    banking regulations / an Conservative Party
    in the UK as an Republican Party in the USA
    were responsible for the most grave political
    crime. / With no authority holding banks to
    account / opened an door wide for appalling
    banking fraud the situation became so crazy
    money was not being invested in a company
    rather money was placed ( gambled ) that a
    company or a bank would fold and go under
    thus in resulting where millions forced into
    unemployment / people’s savings were lost
    overnight / many /many /having lost their
    homes /unable /making the payments due.

    With the democrats coming to power / t’was
    in finding the direst situation / at every level
    of govt depts. The situation so bad t’will take
    20yrs /preparing some groundwork thus try
    returning some democracy/freedom /justice.

    In the USA it a priority to keep the Democrats
    in power. / With a return of the republicans in
    political power then their focus being a invasion
    of Iran thus in securing full middle east control
    with attention then focused upon an invasion of
    Russia in such gain of its vast natural resources.

    The outcome of such (they fail) understanding
    will bring a nuclear conflict / such without fail.

    Such bringing destruction beyond all measure.
    Keeping out of power the republican party not
    only benefits the Americans as British its best
    for all nations for every race for /all humanity.

    It best for young people is their leaving drugs
    alone / as the devil drink (alcohol ) as tobacco
    Sex is OK a good healthy pastime. /For many
    it their only exercise where now being so lazy.

    The solution to people’s problem is unchainged
    having been unchainged since the time creation
    began with the big bang // THE SEPERATION
    thus we all go through the process of re-uniting.

    The answer to all lifes questions is ones turning
    the senses inward the unfolding of spiritual self.

    One needs a spiritual teacher for ones guidance
    the best spiritual teacher / in our present times
    Prem Rawat / he teacher of teachers /the best.

    On pc search put (words of peace) on site be an
    selection of videos / Prem Rawat in speaking of
    ones turning the senses inward VIA meditation
    an unfolding of the spiritual self / questions are
    answered /even the questions not as yet asked.

    Thus this the safest way if wishing raise their
    mental state & its cost in monetery be nought
    You Can’t Be Charged For Knowing YourSelf.

  2. DW says:

    I don’t like the way you compare athlete’s use of steroids to depressed patients use of Prozac. Prozac is medically prescribed, and is necessary for a depressed patient to function. Steroids or Adderall (for non-prescribed users) are benefit users, but they aren’t needed by the individual as Prozac is.

  3. Vilma says:

    I am thinking about taking prohormones, do you think this is good idea for advanced bodybuilder like me?
    Bodybuilders are satisfied with the results after prohormones cycles, just google for – 100% pure muscles without side
    effects – worth a try?

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