Finding Good from Bad

After watching CNN Heroes this weekend I found myself overwhelmed with emotions. On one hand, many of the stories the program brought to light were utterly depressing (exhibiting human suffering throughout the world); while others were extremely uplifting and restored my usually wavering faith in humanity.

One of the top 10 CNN Heroes was Susan Burton. After losing her son, Susan was in-and-out of prison and an addict. Finally, Susan decided to dedicate her life to helping other women stay off the streets and remain clean.

Watch her story here:

Michael Vick is another story of someone turning his life around. After going to prison for dog-fighting, Vick is doing good for the animals. He has joined the Humane Society’s campaign against dog-fighting,  going around to schools and teaching the youth about the deplorable act. Also, since Vick’s arrest advances have been made in protecting animal welfare.

“In the last two years, we’ve upgraded 26 laws (state and federal) on animal fighting. The HSUS has trained more than 1,000 law enforcement officers on investigating animal fighting and paid out 50 rewards for tips leading to arrests in animal fighting cases. We have worked with law enforcement on more than 200 raids on animal fighting operations.”

via Michael Vick and End Dogfighting : The Humane Society of the United States.

There are terrible events that happen in our lives everyday. We need to try to remain optimistic and take notice to the positive changes around us.

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We are Project L.I.T. (Living Informed Together). We want to keep people informed of current global and domestic events. Our goal is to motivate and inspire people to live healthier and more meaningful lives together.
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