Let It All Hang Out

Some of you may have been victim to a pat-down at the airport this Thanksgiving, or you may be getting scanned later this holiday season. Your immediate reaction to hearing about these pat-downs may have been overwhelmingly negative. The idea of being “felt-up” in a public place against your will doesn’t sound like the ideal Christmas vacation.

However, while your seven-year old-daughter is being thoroughly searched for bombs, I want you to keep in mind the importance of these searches. I honestly believe that if an explosion can be prevented from a pat-down or a body-scan, everyone would commend the TSA on doing their job.

There have been criticisms that if someone possesses a bomb, and that they’re already at the TSA screening, our security system has failed. The US intelligence system should have interfered prior to his point. I completely agree with this statement, yet let’s not point fingers and protect the American people.

We can all agree that the body-scans and pat-downs make us feel slightly used and violated-especially when they don’t call in the morning-but they are protecting us. If we found out tomorrow that a bomb-carrier on his/her way to a flight destined for JFK was stopped at a TSA screening, the passengers of that plane, their families and all of America would be overwhelmingly grateful for the inconvenience of being searched.

Make fun all you want, but at the end of the day, these searches are a blessing.

Passenger wore her bikini through the TSA screening

This passenger thought it would be cute to make her point on the invasiveness of the body scan.


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